Gym air conditioning

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Chill Air Conditioning Ltd can supply and install a system for year round temperature control in your gym. An air conditioning system will provide a safer and more comfortable workout environment. Cooler temperatures can allow athletes to train harder without suffering as much from the fatigue and reduce the risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Our air conditioning systems also provide heating. Many gyms are in large commercial buildings, once winter comes the temperatures can drop dangerously low. This is not only bad for your customers but also your staff! Air conditioning means you get temperature control for all seasons, from one system.

Chill Air Conditioning Ltd we’re approached by Fitness Worx gym in Coventry to supply and install an air conditioning system. The aim was to keep their clients and staff comfortable so they can carry on delivering the best gym environment possible. We went for two large, Midea ducted systems, suspended from the warehouse ceiling. Installing three large ducts off of each unit meant we could cover a large area of the gym without the added cost of more units, it would also circulate the air in the room better. Keeping the units up high meant that they would not interfere with any of the gym equipment or members workouts. This system not only fits the brief performance wise, but it looks awesome!

See what Chill Air Conditioning Ltd can do for your gym, today.

Gym air conditioning

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