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When an Air Conditioning unit breaks down or develops a fault, it can often be extremely stressful to get sorted. At Chill Air Conditioning we aim to reduce that stress so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

Our technicians are available to attend locations throughout Nottingham and the Midlands 7 days a week to get out to your call outs asap and get the problem solved. Call us today: 0115 8581771

How does an air conditioner work?

Outdoor unit

  • Refrigerant gas comes into the outdoor unit as a low-pressure gas, the compressor compresses this and turns it into a high-pressure gas.
  • The gas then flows to the condenser coil. The gas condenses to a liquid, and gives off its heat to the outside air.

Indoor unit

  • The refrigerant then moves to the indoor unit
  • Here it passes through the expansion valve. This restricts the flow and lowers its pressure & temperature.
  • The low-pressure liquid goes in the evaporator and the warm air inside is pulled across the cold evaporator. This is what produces the cold air blowing out of your air conditioning unit on the wall.
  • Heat is absorbed and changes the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas.
    The refrigerant gas moves back to the compressor in the outdoor unit where the entire cycle is repeated.

Air Conditioning Quality and Reliability

  • "Dominic was punctual, knowledgeable & friendly, would recommend."

    Terry Bower
  • "Dominics service and attitude shown throughout the installation was a credit to himself, and I would recommend him to anybody, or any company looking to use his services."

    Kev Davies
  • "We highly recommend Dominic Little of Chill Air Conditioning Ltd, for any requirements you may have on a commercial, or domestic work."

    Adele Doyle
  • "We decided to have air conditioning fitted in 3 rooms and Dominic and his team could not do enough. they do a brilliant job and cleaned up so you wouldn't know they had been here. Would recommend Dominic to anyone"

    Angie Morris

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